7.3 Powerstroke Complete Turbos

7.3 Powerstroke KC66 Journal Bearing turbo

Stage 1 Turbo - (late 1999-2003) This is the perfect upgrade for those looking to upgrade their stock turbo, but not go too wild. This turbo spools very fast and... Learn More

7.3 Powerstroke KC38r Dual Ball Bearing turbo (L99-03)

Well it is finally here, we spent the last year working on updates for our popular KC38r turbo.  We kept hearing about how great the s366sxe was... but with it... Learn More

7.3 94-98 OBS KC TP38r Turbo

Its finally here.  A drop in version of our popular KC38r for the OBS trucks. This is our version of the famous gtp38r but with a few tweaks kind of... Learn More

KC Turbo offers dozen's of performance parts for the Ford 7.3 Powerstroke trucks made from 1994-2003. We offer custom made turbos, programmers, custom tune packages, intakes, and much more.