7.3 Powerstroke KC38r Stage 2 turbo

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Brand: KC Turbo

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This turbo will only fit L99-2003 trucks


The new KC38r. This is our version of the famous gtp38r but with a few tweaks kind of like a 38r on steroids. This turbo spools great and makes awesome top end power. Testers have experience similar boost but with much lower Exhaust Back Pressure when compared to the gtp38r. The initial beta testers have been very happy and we are moving forward with a discounted early release price option. Here are some of the highlights: Rebuild able Dual Ball bearing turbo for quick spool up and reliability Upgraded Billet 6x6 dual plane 66x93 compressor wheel ported compressor cover with anti-surge ring Billet Big Head Wastegate actuator for quicker spool and elevated boost control Larger 76x70 high flow turbine wheel to increase flow through the turbine housing High flow non-ebpv outlet flange included with every turbo. This eliminates the ebpv butterfly valve to increase flow and decrease egts This turbo runs well up to about 250/100s Awesome turbo to tow with on smaller injectors To buy a gtp38r and add a billet wheel, add high flow ebpv outlet, and add big head wastegate actuator would cost you around $1700-$1900 + shipping and even more if you pay a shop to get it assembly balanced all with NO WARRANTY because you modified the turbo. With the KC38r you get the best of all worlds with the best warranty and customer service on the market.

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